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An ancestral formula
redesigned for tomorrow's cousins

3 years. That’s how long it took the artist Slimane to put together the ideal team and create his ideal cosmetic that he chose to call COUSIN.E.S.

A family of thought. A rallying cry. A tender word. An interjection!
A way of calling out to a person you recognize without knowing.

This is a password. A code name. A tribe.

A piece of childhood that we will never lose.

A hair. Curly. Curly. Blonde like wheat. Redhead like Nicole. Brown like the seed of Nigella. Textured. Natural. Supernatural. Indomitable. That we tame.

Care that thinks and speaks to all, highlighting the beauty of diversity.

Millennia of results and benefits

Nigella oil, also known as “the gold of the pharaohs”, defies the laws of cosmetics by obtaining spectacular results in the laboratory.

We have selected a pure oil of Nigella from organic farming as one of the main ingredients of our products.

Ideal ally of dry, ultra dry, brittle & dull hair, it contains essential fatty acids (Omega 6 and 9), vitamins (B1, B3 and B6) and purifying antioxidants that protect and enhance the hair fiber. The oil of Nigella alleviates, almost instantaneously, the rednesses and itchings of the scalp.

A clean, vegan & natural range

Zero silicone, zero sulfate: elaborated under dermatological control, the Cousin.e.s care products are mainly based on cold-pressed black cumin oil from organic farming.

In accordance with our values and requirements, our sourcing is strictly eco-responsible: Nigella seeds are grown and harvested in India in a traditional way, in family farms, within agricultural cooperatives. This culture ensures the sustainability of local communities.

The cold pressing of the seeds allows us to obtain, without any chemical additives, an oil of superior quality, rich in beneficial compounds, such as essential fatty acids, vitamins & antioxidants.

Responsible formulas


Silicone free
Sulfate free


Made in France
Tested under dermatological control


More than 95% of ingredients of natural origin


Exceptional results from the first use

A comforting and addictive fragrance

A Proust’s madeleine for Slimane, its creator, who dreamed of finding the scents of his childhood in every care product: white musk, which evokes the clean freshness of cotton sheets washed in the rhythm of laundry days, and the sweet invitation to travel of orange blossom.

The latter has surrounded himself with one of the most famous French perfume houses to recreate all the emotion and the feeling of protection of this olfactory equation.

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